Cryptocurrency Could Go Up Due To Coinbase Plans

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The exchange currently only supports just five cryptocurrencies — Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin — and the process of adding each one has been gradual. The company would announce plans, and then later announce when listing the asset. The idea being to reduce the potential to send the value of a token skyrocketing.
By adding new crypto assets, Coinbase is poised to increase its revenue from custody services. This is significant because a growing number of companies are offering cryptocurrency trading, which has been a lucrative business for Coinbase, but where margins are likely to drop in the future.

However, Wednesday, October 31, Bitcoin has lost 0,31% – $6339, the market cap is $109,9 billion. Ethereum went down 0,56% – $196,7, the market cap is его $20,3 billion. XRP is trading at $0,44 and lost 2,22%, the market cap is $17,7 billion. Litecoin down 0,8% – $49,2, the market cap is $2,9 billion.
The total crypto market capitalization is $202,9 billion.


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